Global automated service for car refuels (charging)


We accept:  Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Waves!

Please support FUELDApp project by means of buying FUELD tokens.

During the Pre-ICO you can buy FUELD tokens for cryptocurrency ETH (ether) via your personal Ethereum wallet by sending the required ETH amount to the smart contract address of FUELDApp which is only specified on the project's official website https://fueldapp.io. Never pay any attention to any other information which could be posted anywhere else or sent to your email.



FUELDApp is a full cycle tool based on blockchain targeted to make the interaction between the driver and the fueling station perfect. A perfect solution is a solution allowing reduce the time spending to an absolute minimum while offering a wide range of modern payment means for fuel & merchandise including the crypto. The service will work worldwide uniting various station chains for using in one single app.

For drivers:

For fueling stations:

For investors:

At the moment there is no single app that can substantially simplify refueling and payment (also introducing crypto) while doing it globally without limiting to a certain geographical scope, whether it’s a country or a certain operator’s chain. FUELDApp will offer all that plus it will allow to refuel without leaving your car, pre-order hot snacks before arrival at the station and some other cool features!

Multifunctional service for complete customer assistance aimed at improvement of incoming traffic, reducing the need for personnel and boosting the sales of merchandise and services. FUELDApp is also a set of marketing & communication tools to efficiently connect with customers.

Modern project based on blockchain and combination of advanced technologies to be used in one of the most stable and profitable inudstries of fueling stations. FUELDApp is planning to increase its value several times in two years after rolling out and cover all developed countries.

FUELDApp lets you do what others cannot do!

use fueling stations throughout the world with one single app

pay for fuel, merch and services with crypto to your benefit

refuel without leaving your car thanks to pump auto-detection

know the actual station availability in real time

buy items and order services before arrival at the station

fuel up using overdraft loans

ask for help in one tap or with a quick ‘walkie-talkie’ call

view history of fuel-ups and purchases, know your actual fuel consumption

Main Service Features

Pay with CRYPTO to your benefit + conventional payment methods + overdraft loans

Maps with active stations + navigation + station auto-detection

Instant invitation of attendant to the pump

Keeping track of fuel consumption & comprehensive stats

Automatic linking of car to pump

Pre-ordering snacks, merchandise, booking car wash before arrival

Quick feedback with audio & video messages.

Typical refueling in one tap

Use all your cars under one account

Rapid refueling thanks to pump auto-detection and one-tap processing

Handy ways to specify fuel / amount

All range of up-to-date payment means + CRYPTO

Convenient shopping

Easy feedback with audio & video

PRE-ICO Information

Pre-sale stage (Pre-ICO): 2017/11/23

5% of all tokens will be emitted for sale during the Pre-ICO. Unsold tokens will be added to the tokens emitted for sale during the ICO (main stage).

Investors participating in the Pre-ICO will be rewarded with free tokens in the amount of 30% of their pre-sale investments.


during PRE-ICO

Pre-ICO participants will be rewarded with a discount for purchasing fuel using the app in the amount equal to their pre-sale investments (bonus will be redeemed by means of giving you a discount equal to the service fee paid by the fueling station chain to FUELDApp for every fill-up of your car).


during PRE-ICO


Pre-ICO start: 2017/11/23 06:00:00 UTC

Pre-ICO finish: 2017/12/23 05:59:59 UTC

Token name: FUELD

Blockchain platform: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC 20

Regulation: 1) all tokens unsold during the Pre-ICO will be added to the tokens sold during the main stage of the ICO;

                       2)  all tokens unsold during the main stage of the ICO will be destroyed according to the smart contract

Smart-contract: open based on Ethereum blockchain

Token price: 0.000456 ETH

Minimum limit for token purchase: not set

Maximum limit for token purchase: not set


September, 2017:

Birth of idea, market analysis, creation of concept and app prototyping.

October-February, 2017-2018:

App development (alpha version).

23 November, 2017:

Pre-sale (Pre-ICO).

January-Feburary, 2018:

Main crowdsale (ICO).

February-April, 2018:

Actions: 1) Team expansion (technical, legal).
 2) App development (beta version).

Our Team 

Nicolay Buslaev

 Alexander Davidiuk
Administrative director of the project

Igor Baykov

Alexander Popov 
Director of Economics and Legal Affairs of the project

Yury Loika
Chief engineer of the project

Dmitry Belonovsky
Marketing director of the project

Our Advisors

Thierry De Gorter
Blockchain Project Manager, Core.Tech.Chain

He has evolved through a versatile international management career including : industrial production, software /APP development, WEB TV & music production, VIP services.

Kateryna Shyrkova
Senior Associate, FinPoint
(Rothschild Partner)

Experienced investment banker with in-depth expertise across number of industries in Ukraine / Europe.

Alex Faliushin
Founder & CEO, IT Security Group

Specializes in international payment solutions, organization of accepting and processing payments in high-risk industries.


Olivier Azan
Quantitative Researcher, Eastmore Group

Olivier works is a researcher in Germany focused on machine learning and algorithmic trading. His lastest study is this bitcoin trader fake oder nicht piece.

Trevor Basserabie
Principal Founder, TB Capital Management

Outstanding Performer and achiever of Global Macro Long Short Hedge Fund, Consistent ROI over 15% in equities and Foreign Exchange on an annualised basis over 7 years

Darrell Emmanuel

President at DE Asset Management Limited

Having deep knowledge of the tech world in 2000 in the height of the dot.com era he co-founded a company called Internet Buying Guide.com.


Dhinendra Lohmor

Investor & Co-founder, A1 Fidelity (New Delhi, India), Angel Investor, Corporate & Investment Banking

An extremely successful Corporate & Investment Banker over a rapidly progressive career span of 19+ years.

Yuriy Chayka
Co-founder Wallet Factory, Founder MobiPay,
Co-founder & Partner Finovate Studio, Founder MoneXy, President UELBU


Chigozie C. Ononiwu (M.E.E.C)
Founder,President/CInO at SUREBANQA
Exclusive Partner in Nigeria, ECOWAS and Africa


His drive and vision is to promote disruptive change in Africa and developing countries through Next-Generation ICT, Blockchain,....

Paulo Carneiro
CEO, Gravel Coin (Brazil and Guinea)
Director in LATAM, tokenUP Digital Cryptomarketing Agency (Moscow, Russia)
Director in LATAM, ICOBOARD Platform (Moscow, Russia)
Founder & Director, StanRocc Natural Stones Limited (London, UK)
Co-Founder & Director, Gold Mining Partnership (Accra, Ghana)

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